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Forum: Community 2012-11-13, 19:24
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: [Council] Ask the Council!

This is correct. Estel's ban is temporary, and as of this writing, will be lifted automatically in a little under 23 days. It is unlikely the duration of Estel's ban will be extended as it is...
Forum: Off Topic 2012-11-08, 16:56
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Posted By sjgadsby
Forum: Community 2012-11-01, 20:03
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Re: [Council] Board Election Results and Council Election Cycle Update

Everyone, please keep your posts on-topic and refrain from posting insults, personal attacks, and attempts at character assassination. Thank you.
Forum: Community 2012-11-01, 19:51
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: Forum Admin to respond more often to Comment/Suggest posts

Only Reggie has the power to give a user moderator or super moderator rights.
Forum: Community 2012-11-01, 19:48
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: [Council] Maemo Elections (September 2012)

In the past, the council members have chosen their chair by whatever means they liked. If I'm not mistaken, the selection process often involved a spirited round of "Not it!"
Forum: Community 2012-11-01, 12:44
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: [Council] By-Laws for Hildonfoundation

Enough. Limit discussion in this thread to the by-laws and directly related matters only. Further postings of insults and attempts at character assassination will not be tolerated.

EDIT: I have...
Forum: Games 2012-10-31, 19:33
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: [Announce] apkenv (N900, N950, N9)

Samir_123455, do not attach to posts, or link to, any materials you do not have rights to distribute.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-10-27, 01:22
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Forum: Competitors 2012-10-24, 19:33
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: S*** MeeGo Fanatics Say?

The N800 and each future Internet Tablet model will be supported through two major revisions of ITOS.
The D-pad is in the wrong place.
This is only step n of 5.
Why doesn't it have a hard case?...
Forum: Games 2012-10-22, 19:10
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: [Announce] apkenv (N900, N950, N9)

No. It is unrelated to Dalvik.
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-10-21, 15:37
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: Anyone tried 128 GB Micro SD XC cards?

Sure, it's a neat thought, right up until your brain gets around to imagining the part where you launch Canola and it begins indexing 4TB of audio files.
Forum: Off Topic 2012-10-15, 13:39
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: Xbox 360 or PS3?

For each console, make a list of the games available for it that you want to play, remembering to look at both download-only and disk-based games. Once you've built your lists, discard from them all...
Forum: Community 2012-10-12, 22:31
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: [Council] Maemo Elections (September 2012)

There exists a bug that affects some people's accounts including mine. Though the website accepts email address changes and initially shows the change as successful, it reverts the change a...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-10-12, 15:58
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: N900: Tethering without enhanced Kernel?

Would you be willing to use Bluetooth DUN or PAN instead of WiFi?
Forum: Buy & Sell 2012-10-12, 13:58
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: sell me your N950

The thread "Anyone willing to sell a N950?" (8 posts) has been merged into this thread.
Forum: General 2012-10-10, 17:19
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: Interesting article about Nokia's MeeGo work

The thread "[Article] Story of Nokia's MeeGo" (5 posts) has been merged into this thread.
Forum: Applications 2012-10-10, 13:56
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: Alien Dalvik, run android apps on non android phones (Like N900)

Indeed. Please do not bump threads. I'm not opposed to necroing on principle; if there's relevant, new information to add to a thread, it can make sense. However, this forum has a long history and...
Forum: Competitors 2012-10-09, 19:31
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: Need a Tablet but not sure which

Not only that, for many people you can probably add the Touch Cover or Type Cover to that price.
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-10-09, 12:42
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: "Dexigned in Finland" on N900?

Pre-production revisions of the N900, prototypes and development devices, were intentionally marked with "N00" in place of "N900". They did not suffer "Dexigned" misspellings.

Very early prototype...
Forum: Off Topic 2012-10-09, 00:58
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: Nokia Dumping Lumia 800's

Yes, it says: Windows Phone 7 phones aren't upgradable to Windows Phone 8, and Windows Phone 8 devices are about to become available.

"What maddness to so quickly abandon devices! Customers won't...
Forum: Community 2012-10-08, 12:38
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: MWKN Weekly News: 8 October 2012

When you see something newsworthy like this, please submit it to MWKN (
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-10-07, 16:10
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: Maemo 5 on Nokia N900 had a downfall - please advise how to retrive data from the phone

Threads merged. Elena P, do not open multiple threads for the same topic.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-09-28, 18:58
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: Changing chip on N900 N9 or N950? (like upgrading the N950 to 64GB or upgrading ram on N900)

The N900 will support the cards, but it will not support the cards' default exFAT format. You'll need to choose a different filesystem for your 64 GB card should you want to use it in an N900.
Forum: Applications 2012-09-26, 11:38
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Posted By sjgadsby
Forum: Applications 2012-09-24, 20:44
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: [MeeGo] MeeBirthdays problem

The first post did not fit in its previous thread, so I have promoted it.
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