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I worked through the maemo package for the n900 from and updated it to the new version 4503. This brings now for the first time elevation support for the n900. Beside that, the package linked statically against a newer freetype library. The downside of this is that there are two versions of freetype in the RAm of the phone, when navit is running. I applied the patch for this specific freetype bug to the version of freetype shipped with the n900 and submitted it for inclusion in the CSSU. In addition you may install the patched version directly from here:

Alternatively, I built a freetype-navit package, which can install in parallel to the freetype shipped with the n900, for people which do not want to replace the system freetype library. This is included similar to navit itself in my repository

deb unstable

I am running the patched freetype library and navit on my n900 without problems so far. All my packages come without any warranty and I cannot give commitments on fixing problems, but I hope they are useful for some of you. The repository did not get a whole lot of testing, I welcome feedback if it worked or not.

If you want to see the sources please add in scratchbox the source repository

deb-src unstable


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