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Version 0.4.4 uploaded to extras-devel. First post updated. Changelog:
* Implemented flyby to target location using intermediate zoom levels.
* Added close and task manager buttons in landscape view.
* Added support for markers (only one marker now - search result) - almost complete in 2D, not working in 3D.
* Added search feature - still incomplete and only CloudMade.
* Added arrow indicating direction to current gps position (if outside screen).
* Distance from screen center to gps position (press C).
* Better usage of tiles from other zoom levels.
* More tile providers by default.

Caution: your providers.ini will be overwritten - you should backup it before upgrading. Default providers.ini includes following providers:
  • OpenStreetMap I (OSM slippy map)
  • OpenStreetMap II (tiles@home)
  • OpenCycleMap
  • Google Maps
  • Google Satellite
  • Google Hybrid
  • UK OS Maps
  • Virtual Earth Maps
  • Virtual Earth Satellite
  • Virtual Earth Hybrid

Few more things: search query is currently blocking main thread - it will freeze whole app until search results are returned and downloaded from CloudMade server. This will be fixed soon. CloudMade search is also very basic - it works for some input strings ("city", "city, street", period is important). Other search options (including Google) will be there soon. Search markers do not work correctly in 3D mode. There will be a menu with description and some actions after tapping on search marker. Currently nothing is displayed.

Other than stated above: please post any bugs you have noticed and any problems during upgrade.

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