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Ok somebody please confirm this.
Ergonpandilus from finnish forum is saying that you can kill application by siwping upwards from bottom of the device? He has used the device.
You just need to set it from settings before this comes available.

This is great if true! So you could close the apps fast when you are inside it.
That's true, though the swipe is from up to bottom -- the other swipe just puts application into a recents view.

Felipe (now famous for his arguing with Elop) wrote a patch and me and Urho drove it through the management at last. Congratulations to Urho and Felipe on persisting and getting it not only as configuration option but also in Settings UI.

There are so many small details to consider when introducing such "seemingly innoncent" features that it was not so easy to convince people. Still, it shows it what is possible to achieve together in an open collaboration mode.

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