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For a competition of "Who's more open?" and your reasons for not backing MeeGo, well, I find your attitude (as well as others') extremely hypocritical.
Who's competing for that? You maybe, but I've NEVER said Maemo is "more open" than MeeGo, ever. In fact I said many times that it's pointless to argue about which is "more open", since either way you still have binary blobs that will probably not transition from one version to the next. That's been my main point in several posts in this thread!

My argument is that Maemo is more functional than MeeGo, and by far more mature. You are the one that started making claims that because it was "more open" it was "better". I've consistently said that regardless of how much more open it is, unless it's 100% open it has the same flaw as Maemo, making the argument of which is "more open" a moot point.

As for "attitude"... I'm not the one saying "this isn't for users" and imply that end users can essentially go stuff themselves.

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"His Brittanic Majesty ...
Bravo. And you only had to go back 200 years to find one example. To be fair though, that was signed more as a way to cut loose a major expense (a war) than it was to grant governance. I doubt the US being a free nation hinged on the king of England "granting" it. I'm pretty sure it was already well under way when that was signed.

Originally Posted by attila77 View Post
MeeGo is GPL (and related FOSS licenses).
Originally Posted by attila77 View Post
MeeGo is not a complete, device installable product.
Having your cake and eating it too? MeeGo for the N900 is not GPL. It has binary blobs of closed source that are required for it to deliver something even comparable to the existing system already available for the N900. And really, if you're arguing MeeGo is a non-installable stand alone, then based on the semantic discussion we had before, does it still qualify as being an OS?

I'm quite happy that MeeGo as a base (apparently not as an OS) is open source. But that's not really what we're talking about here is it? I thought we were talking about MeeGo for the N900. If we're talking about weather to talk about MeeGo here as the generic, non-installable base that is GPL, then I'm changing my vote to a firm NO. They have their own forums for that.

Originally Posted by attila77 View Post
Oh, so when Google pulls an API what happens to your copy of that translation using open source project ?
Please show me where I've ever said Google/Android is open source? I haven't. And yes, if their API is public, you can continue to use that API with other servers.

Look at XMPP. It's an open standard, and several people have jumped on to it, including Facebook and Google. Suppose either decided tomorrow to drop XMPP support and start using it's own API. How many customers would it lose? How many would hop to other open platforms for their chatting needs?

How many servers speak XMPP? How many speak other open protocols (like IRC)? How many speak CompuServeChat? See the difference? That's the power of open source. You can continue to use it, improve on it, etc, even if the original provider goes away. IRC, for example, started on a BBS/server that has long since gone away. But it's open, so it survived. If Yahoo were to go away tomorrow, how long do you think the chat client/protocol would last once the servers a Yahoo shut off? A month? A week? A day?

Originally Posted by attila77 View Post
No, the pullback that kills open projects in company exits is the void created by the size of contribution/maintenance those companies make. There is only so much blood you can lose in one blow without fainting and/or dying.
Thus my point. When (not if) Nokia pulls back on MeeGo for N900, the game's over. Done. What's out there is out there, and nothing more (if you're lucky, and they don't build in timeout bombs into the blobs). We already have a static "last image" blob with Maemo, just a matter of time before it happens to MeeGo too.

At that point, a real comparison can be done. Which is more stable? Which is more usable? Which is more supported? Which has a longer shelf life?

Based on the state MeeGo is in right now, assuming Nokia pulls that trigger in the next week, Meego is the loser in all 4 questions. That may all change in a day, a month or two, or in a year. But I'm not willing to toss out a perfectly good and working system for one that may be good in a month or a year. I live based on where I am now, and where the past has shown me things are likely to wind up. In this case, the present tells me MeeGo for the N900 isn't going to do anything I can't already do with Maemo. And the past tells me that's unlikely to change.

Originally Posted by tswindell View Post
I disagree with pretty much all of that, anyway, I've never had problems with the WiFi on my N900 running MeeGo. So it's probably to do with router & wifi combination. Anyway, it's obviously being worked on, why is it such a major deal for you?
Because I use wifi a lot. Enough that it being unstable is a big reason for me to not move to it right this second, as many here (yourself include) have been advocating for, in an odd "no users" type of way. I still don't get that. With one breath you're saying it's wonderful, the future, fully functional, and the best thing since sliced bread. Then with the next you're saying it will never be ready for "users", it's unpolished, and non-developers can essentially go stuff themselves. Which is it?

Btw: I assume having several viable bugs logged against it in the bug tracker, all showing random disconnect problems implies there's an issue. The fact that it's being worked on is great. You saying it's not an issue because you've "never had problems with it" just reminds me of replies from Nokia's bug tracker. They never had issues with key broken items that lots of users had. Just another yellow flag against Meego from where I'm standing.

Originally Posted by tswindell View Post
At least we have more upto date components, that are freely distributable.
Again, newest doesn't mean better. Remember my example of which is better (Win98 vs WinME driver)? You could have the best binary blob driver in the world for the N900 GSM in MeeGo. If I can't make a phone call by tapping on the UI, it's useless. Even if I can make a call, but can't use the device the way I use it now because of an issue with some other closed component that's borked in some way, that "newer/better" GSM driver is still equally useless. I have a desk full of gadgets that half work. I don't need another one. Especially when I can have it work fully with the existing system.

Originally Posted by tswindell View Post
Good luck back porting it to your closed Maemo platform and having what we now have in "MeeGo N900 Community Edition".
Good luck forward porting them to MeeGo 2.0 when it comes out. See my point? And what exactly is it that you have in MeeGo N900 CE that we don't have in Maemo? Instability? Lots of apps? Didn't you say just a few posts ago that the reason you're here is to siphon off app developers, and/or get them to compile apps for MeeGo? What does MeeGo have? A future? How so, if it's not going to ever be ready for users?

Originally Posted by tswindell View Post
And now you've gone in a full circle. But yes, you're right, no one is talking about Mozilla here, so why bring it up?
I was using it as an example. I was noting that "governance" isn't needed for purely open products, like Mozilla. The fact that MeeGo needs it implies there are non-open components, and/or that someone is granting that in a rescindable way.

Again, bravo for trying, and I do wish you luck in getting it all worked out. But please stop touting it here like it's already finished, or "better" than Maemo until it's at least on par.

That's all I've been asking of people with their competing OSes (with ALL the alternatives, NitDroid, MeeGo, Baad, or whatever it's called...). Every time I ask that people stop claiming their system is "better", or comparable when it's not, they get their panties in a bunch and start ranting about how it's "more" open, or how it's "governed", or how it's "faster" or has a better UI. That's great. Call me when it can perform solidly for a week without rebooting, while taking calls, browsing the web, syncing with my calendar and running home made scripts and apps in the background. Until then, you're not competing against Maemo.

Present it for what it can do, great. But talking it up and calling it better does nothing but get people all riled up and trying to install a half-ready system. Most often they either screw up their device trying, or will get it installed only to find major issues unresolved. Either way, it hurts your project when you misrepresent it, since doing so drives people away from it and gives it a bad name.

Most often, you get one shot to impress people with a new system. MeeGo already has a bad reputation because it blew it's own welcome horn way to early. Repeating that mistake again and again is the best way to kill it before it even has a chance.

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