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Originally Posted by CaSPeRFXX View Post
i can use the controller and use mouse with left stick but i there is no left/right click, is there a way activating this.

i once activated in Ubuntu when i had no OS to run on my laptop, cant remember what i did but is there a way for the N900
While you are editing the *.fdi file, you can change any button that you like to be, instead of key=XX to be button=Y where Y=1(left), 2(middle) or 3(right).

JUST BE SURE to make backups of the *.fdi file before ANY change. That file is sensible, and for whatever reason it may stop functioning. Even if everything is alright. Don't ask me why.

More info about that here:
and here:

Originally Posted by 5spdvl View Post
Why are you using hostmode to pair your ps3 controller with your N900?
I do that. It's easier/faster than having to find the next computer with Ubuntu+Sixpair or Windows+MotionJoy enabled. After all, n900 IS a computer |:P
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