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Ok a little update to our favorite finger friendly podcast player. I got accepted in the CDP for the N950 and recieved it yesterday. Many thanks to texrat and qgil, in no particular order, for making that whole thing happen. And for the record I put my application up here:

I have already written a QML UI for Panucci but as I don't got an N900 I can't test it on a device. So the plan is to make Panucci-QML the best ever audiobook and podcast player for tablets.

I have never owned a Maemo tablet but I took over the maintanence of Panucci in february this year as it was practically dead. I use it on my desktop too but I have collaborated with N900 users in the TMO forum so they have helped me out when needed. Panucci's primary target platform is still tablets. I'm also a long time Linux zealot and really want Meego/Qt to thrive.
And as you shouldn't make promises you can't keep, as Frank Martin's fourth rule, I got right to it and Panucci already runs pretty well on Harmattan. Some small things to fix but nothing major. I'll also pick up a headset to fix the bluetooth implementation which is missing now. The QML version will probably/hopefully work very well on Fremantle too. It will (probably) never support as many features as the GTK one as I don't got an N900 to fix stuff but it should work reasonably well. I made a little teaser video of it, there will soon be a new release for Fremantle too with proper support for QML.

And FYI thp is already using panucci as an example of how to make qml apps It starts on 4:40:

Too bad the N950 isn't available in shops but that's the way it is. The software keyboard is very good though and I often rather use that one if you don't need the whole display. For coding the hardware keyboard works better though so hopefully Nokia get their act together and make another meego phone with hwkb after the N9.
But the WM7 "horse" has a blood lineage tracing back to donkeys such as WM6.5, 6.1, 6.0, 5.1 that was fully neglected for too many years and Microsoft did sweet F all to maintain it (still running on Pocket IE4/6!!).

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