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This is already on the list, if you can tell me how to get the IP, and will test it (I don't have ipv6), then I can get it added in the next release.
Hm, I see you're getting the v4 one from icd2 via dbus. I don't think that'll work with v6 (it's usually auto-configured at kernel level so icd2 isn't involved), but you could grab it from /proc/net/if_inet6 like ifconfig does (ignoring any addresses beginning with "fe80", those are link-local)

Made a note of it on the TODO page. You'll be able to tell if ASUI crashes because the battery graph history will be cleared, it rarely happens though, for me at least.
I think the SIGABRT ones at least were just an installation-time thing. My syslog shows a bunch of

DSME: process '/usr/bin/advanced-systemui' with pid 25795 exited with signal: 6
DSME: process '/usr/bin/advanced-systemui' exited and restarted with pid 25799
terminating with

DSME: '/usr/bin/advanced-systemui' spawning too fast, stop trying
No trace of the two SIGSEGV ones though. The only log entry at 13:47 was

hildon-desktop[20075]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Application ASUI Settings did not provide valid .desktop file

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