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Sense 2.3 theme under QBW
I can't see much of a difference, can you?

  1. Download
  2. Extract its contents (Sensible_Beecons, Sensible_Clock) to the root folder of your N900 (./MyDocs)
  3. Open Xterminal and execute:
    mv /home/user/MyDocs/Sensible_Clock/* /home/user/.queen_beecon_dir/
  4. Wget
    apt-get install wget
  5. Leafpad

Clock Operation:
STEP 1 Add a QBW

STEP 2 Enter Advanced Settings

STEP 3 Import File to Buffer

STEP 4 Navigate to sensible_hr1 and select it

STEP 5 Import Buffer to Beecon

STEP 6 Note down the id (may be different with you) then Save & Run

STEP 7 Repeat the above for sensible_hr2 sensible_mn1 sensible_mn2
By now, you shall have something looking like this:

STEP 8 Insert 2 new beecons

STEP 8 Repeat steps 3,4,5 but for sensible_tab

Try to arrange yourself a bit:

STEP 9 Insert the last beecon

STEP 10 Repeat steps 3,4,5 but for sensible_dash

STEP 11 Before tapping Save & Run clear the remember me value and tap on Edit Cmd

STEP 12 Start editing from "h1=" keep the previous as is

STEP 13 Replace h1=id5 with the id you noted at STEP 6 (11 in my case), h2=idx with the second id you noted, h3=idx with the third id you noted, h4=idx with the fourth id you noted down

Save --> Save & Run

Weather Operation:
  1. Open YahooWeather.txt located in Sensible_beecons via leafpad
    leafpad /home/user/MyDocs/YahooWeather.txt
  2. Search for the line
  3. Erase it (what's written between the "")
  4. Go to this link:
  5. Search for your location by name, not by postal code
  6. Copy the address of that webpage and paste it between the "" in the file
  7. ctrl+s on your N900's keyboard to save
  8. Copy the document entirely (ctrl+A --> ctrl+c) then insert a QBW and follow these steps:
  9. QBW settings --> advanced --> yes
  10. On the top white box (command box) paste what you've copied
  11. Scroll down to the buffer (white box with options on top) and tap on export command to buffer
  12. Tap then on import buffer to beecon
Ex: ""
would turn to:
Videos: Part 1 Part 2

Dock Operation:
Inside the archive there is an extra sensible_dock beecon inside Sensible_beecons.
Just create a new beecon --> advanced settings --> import file to buffer --> choose sensible_dock --> import buffer to beecon --> save & run


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