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Right ok, so it's still giving me the same black screen it did before.

There must be more to it, which is beyond me, so I'm going to give up on it for now.

However I will upload the library I compiled in the hope that someone more experienced can get it working (if it's even possible, it may not be).

To compile the library I installed the following packages:
subversion, ant, icedtea6 (as a result of ant)

These libraries allowed me to get started with compiling LWJGL. (EXTRAS-DEVEL REQUIRED!!)

So here's a guide step by step (all through terminal):

1) Open a new terminal and execute
cd MyDocs
2) Now execute:
svn co LWJGL
3) When you check out the source navigate into the new folder
4) Execute the following:
sudo ant generate-all
From my experience it needs to be done with sudo. Wait for it to finish.

5) Now execute this:
sudo ant compile_native_es
The engine should now start compiling for ARM. You may come across many errors and warnings to start off with. Warnings about the empty line can be ignored.

6) Install any missing libraries. For this the SDK repository needs to be enabled. See here for the details (use Nokia N900 info). You can use Hildon Application Manager to add the repository with the following details:

free non-free

7) You will need GCC for this part. Open a new terminal, from the current terminal menu, to install it:
sudo apt-get install gcc-4.2
This should install all the necessary dependencies for GCC.

8) Now you need some X11 developer libs. This can vary depending on what you've done.
sudo apt-get install libxxf86vm-dev
sudo apt-get install libxrandr-dev
Those are the ones I can remember, however check the errors yourself if you have problems and inform me. I'm sure it'll jog my memory!

9) Now with the necessary libraries you can try to compile again... however it may still not work! You need to modify platform_build/build_es.xml to properly find I used Filebox to get the directories easily. Edit the lines that reference java.home.

10) After all this it should compile successfully. However there are probably still some optimisations that need to be made.

I know this is a lacking guide but it's all I can remember right now.

Attached is the I compiled.
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