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I wonder if I called them tomorrow, whether I could throw a tantrum and say that ive changed my mind and demand an N9 or N950 from them as after reading reviews from the E7 and having a play with a friends one, I am not happy and its not a replacement, or should I wait till ive got the E7 then call and demand that I get a different phone and this is just in no way at the same level as my N900??

Some help would be much appreciated Moan and try for an N9 or something now, or wait till after I have the E7 and then moan and try to swap it??
Well Nokia do at least know how to build a decent phone, just apparently don't know how to support it..

N900 Died Replaced with N8, Requested E7, "Accidentally Broke E7", Now rolling with an N9 and im loving it!

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