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godofwar424 - I'm afraid I've no idea what kind of grounds you have to stand on, having initially accepted an E7 as a replacement. It "looks like", having been accepted, nokia fulfilled the warranty - but I really don't know. A dedicated consumer advice forum or $other_source (CAB?) might be able to help you out more.
Yeah I don't think I have any grounds after accepting it :P

Tbh I loved my N900, but after using the Refreshed Symbian for the past few days, I found out I do miss having a phone that lasts with a day full of phone calls and random internet use, I am NOT putting down the N900, just saying sometimes having a phone to use as a phone, is more helpful to me then a computer for a phone

Gonna look into getting an N950 or something similar soon as I can find one :P
Well Nokia do at least know how to build a decent phone, just apparently don't know how to support it..

N900 Died Replaced with N8, Requested E7, "Accidentally Broke E7", Now rolling with an N9 and im loving it!

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