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I can totally appreciate that it's too big to be the mobile phone for most folks. If you're like me however and take a mobile call about twice a month, but use it heavily for texting, email & browsing/remote access through the day, then its deficiencies as a phone form factor have to be taken on balance. IF (and I do mean IF) it will fit in a jeans pocket without crippling me, THEN I may consider it - for my 2 calls a month, I can always run into a dark alley or crawl under a table before answering to avoid the ridicule :-)

Understood on the lack of k/b Helmouth, I'm loath to give it up too, but there are so few genuine alternatives to the N900 available that I'm starting to consider it as a possibility, and the bigger screen does compensate to an extent.

I'll wait until it's in the shops and can be demo'd - if the salesman & his shoehorn can get the beast into my pocket, we'll take it from there ...
n900: "with power comes responsibility".

If you buy a niche, highly modifiable smartphone and proceed to mess it up by blindly screwing around, don't just blame the phone, also blame yourelf.

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