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I want to connect the 770 device to my LAN.
Sorry if that last post was a bit harsh. I got p'd off when you asked questions and didn't seem to bother reading the answers - and didn't even read what it says on your Windows screen when you move your mouse over the names of services in the Bluetooth Configuration.

Here are the results of some googling and tests.

Yes, you can connect Nokia 770 to your LAN via bluetooth, and get high-speed internet without wifi. The BT service you need is not Bluetooth DUN, but Bluetooth PAN. In the Bluetooth Configuration of your Windows computer, it is called "Network Access", and you find it in the "Local Services" tab. You have to create a Windows bridge between the Bluetooth Network and the LAN.

OS2006 and OS2007HE include all the commands you need for connecting to a bluetooth PAN. For OS2008HE you will need the bluez-utils-dist package from the Mulliner Chinook repository. (See post #11 below.)

The details are in this old wiki page: . For the Windows connection, scroll almost to the end of the page.

Some things involving the 770 are written out of order in the wiki, and different contributors have added contradictory instructions. (One says that you have to enable OBEX before the first time you use PAN. Another says that OBEX doesn't work and you have to enable DUN. In fact, you don't have to enable either of them. I'll come to that later in this post.) After setting up the BT Network and the bridge on your Windows computer, this is what you have to do on the 770 (all commands have to be run as root).

You only have to do this once:
gconftool-2 -s -t string /system/osso/connectivity/IAP/DEFAULT/type DUMMY
(That is all one line, even if it looks like two.)

Next you have to do this, and repeat after every reboot:
insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/current/bnep.ko
Pair your 770 and your Windows computer. In OS2006, you have to search for a "phone". Click the bubble on your Windows screen to allow pairing, and enter the code from the 770. Ignore any "authorization" bubbles that ask you to authorize Headset service or Dial-up Networking. (Authorization for Network Access will come later. That is what you need.) Don't get into the connection wizard. The devices will complete the pairing without any of these things.

(When the 770 asks whether you want to use this "phone" for internet access, it means dial-up access, which you apparently don't want. You are better to answer "No".)

Devices sometimes lose their pairing, so you might have to repeat it once in a while. The Windows computer will tell you when you need to repeat the pairing, after an attempted connection has failed.

After connecting, you can uncheck the box that makes your Windows computer discoverable, but it seems that YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE WINDOWS COMPUTER DISCOVERABLE BEFORE YOU RECONNECT.

When you want to make a connection:

Tap on the connection icon, and select DEFAULT. (You set this up earlier by the gconftool-2 command.)

Code, as root:
pand -Q10
Now is the time you have to look for the authorization bubble on the Windows computer. It takes a while to appear, maybe about 15 seconds. It will definitely mention "Network Access". If your 770 returns an error message about a protocol not supported, that means you forgot to run the insmod command after the last reboot.

You can check the connection with this command, which should display the BT address of your Windows computer:
pand -l
(That's a letter l, not a number 1.)

udhcpc -i bnep0
This will take a little while, and then will return some output about nameservers.

If you want to check that everything is ready, you can run:
ifconfig bnep0
That's it. You can use browser,etc.

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