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I'm quite disappointed by responses given to my question - not the fact that CSSU devs insist on using HAM, that's ok - rather by the fact, that I kindly asked *technical* information about what exactly HAM does differently. freemangordon was closest to provide satisfying answer - talking about "firmware upgrade" - but, still, it's far from pointing out actual differences ("focused on firmware upgrade" may mean everything and nothing).
okay here's what ham does over apt / fapman:
It does the reboot properly after the upgrade
It locks the device into flight mode while updating
It turns off most system processes and the desktop to avoid conflicts when deploying the update

It simply does a System upgrade in a safe way, whilst apt and fapman run it in a way which is suited for application upgrades but not exactly for system upgrades which possibly flash camera firmware or do similar risky tasks.
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