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We have a bug to add generic jabber support, but as long as no program manager allows that feature, teams can't work on it (yeah, that sucks).
About video call over xmpp, the feature is being worked on but I can't promise it'll be released in next update. Maybe 3rd party apps like peregrine allow that?
No, last time I checked Peregrine didn't enable video calling.

What do you mean by program manager? Doesn't telepathy-gabble support any XMPP server account already? For example if you have account, you can do something like this in the terminal on N9 (under root):

mc-tool add gabble/jabber jabberorg string:password=mypassword
mc-tool list
mc-tool enable gabble/jabber/myuser_40jabber_2eorg0
It will work, to see your contacts, but you can't send messages / initiate voice calls in the current default client (there is no UI for it simply, and UI is visible only if Google Talk server is used). I think all you need to do is to enable that already existing UI for any XMPP server instead. So there won't be a need to add new type of account UI even (XMPP), but there still be a way to use it with manual setup.

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