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I have problem with IMAP accounts. I have two accounts - other is working fine and the other is not sending mails. Both has same smtp settings and I am sending via ssl and user recognition. When I try to send I dont get any errors - mails are just stucked in out box. I tryed removing the account, tryed other smtp server that doesnt need login and that account just cant send any emails. Has anyone had this kind of problem earlier? And N9 version is 64Gb with pr1.1 clear installation.
I got it working! I guess it was this BURL-bug that was causing problem.(found some massages about that from this thread)

I had to remove/rename Sent-folder and Sent Items -folder from server - even from Recycle-bin. After removing folders I recreated IMAP account and then mail client started to use smtp-server correctly. Client created local Sent Items folder and started to use that to save sent emails.

This is not perfect way of correcting this problem I think Nokia should fix this at least in pr.1.2.

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