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Say I Copy the url for a video in Tear or Microb... Is it possible to launch this script, from say Personal Launcher, and Paste that address somehow at the end of it?
xclip is what you want. Version 0.8 is in the debfarm repo but is twice the size it should be so might be compromised. I compiled version 0.12 and put it up on the ASUI download page . It isn't the full xclip package, only the xclip binary. Copy it to /usr/bin/xclip and chmod 755 it. You must then install the libxmu6 dependancy by running the following command as root:

apt-get install libxmu6
Now change your script to call xclip, those are grave marks around the command, it is the character on the tilde key of a full size keyboard.

cd /media/mmc1/Videos
youtube-dl-x --no-part -f 5 -o "%(stitle)s.%(ext)s" `xclip -out`
Now you can just run that script without any parameters and it will download the selected youtube URL. Enjoy!

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