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Originally Posted by Estel View Post
Thanks for this nice tutorial. Could you please consider transferring this whole post to Wiki, as Wiki page?

Also, post about using dput to transfer .deb into repositories (omitting autobuilder) could greatly increase packages couunt in repository, at the same time decreasing number of available-only-from-forum-threads-hidden-somewhere programs

Lol, I guess that wink was pointed towards CPU Power Control eh? xD
Sure, I will add lots of more tutorials, this one took me 20 mins to write. Once all of them sum app and link to each other, I will create a page in the WIKI about deb packaging on the N900 or any Linux Distro. BTW, I heard that Xterminal on the N9 uses a trimmed down version of Busybox, is that so?
I mean, is GNU tar present? What about dpkg --build?

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