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Big update for the Coding Competition, just applied last finishing touches today:

* UI revamp, better integration in Harmattan
* Added: Integrated into Harmattan Transfer UI for downloads & uploads
* Added: Possibility to move files to trash
* Added: Possibility to add/remove files to/from collections
* Added: Possibility to add/delete collections
* Added: Possibility to share a file/doc link via Harmattan ShareUI
* Added: Possibility to choose download format for Office documents
* Added: Possibility to logout/remove credentials from local cache

Download the final release here:

Now also available from Nokia Store:

I hope you like it!


Hi together,

today I am happy to announce the first result of my Qt programming adventure:

MeeDocs, a Google Docs client for MeeGo! This app is not intended for on device editing of documents, but rather as a cloud storage interface for GDocs, where you can up- and download your files. Now that Google Docs is allowing to upload any file type up to 10 GB of size, it becomes a serious competitor for DropBox, especially as Google's prices are much lower ($20 USD/year for 80GB, whereas DropBox charges you $99 USD/year for 50 GB). So this app should serve as a DropBox-like interface for this.

Currently, principal authentication, download and upload code is working. UI is ugly, there are no progress bars or such and you only can see if a download or upload was successful after clicking the file when the finishing message pops up.

But I think getting to work the principal functions (for a programming noob fiddling with OAuth and the Google HTTP APIs and integrating File Access C++ code with QML is no easy task) was the most difficult part of it. Interface polishing and feature tweaks should work out not too hard.

So please test it and let me know your opinions and wishes and always remember: I'm doing this in my spare time, so don't expect miracles to happen over night.
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