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hi @jalyst

I think people sick with the no-kia aegis strategy will be lead to that FMC thread by google... at least me was.

so, personally, I read through all that thread from beginning and got excited about what @joergrw and @javispedro and all the participaters have contribute the community. That's a record and sign of how the progress made.

so, open a new thread is nice.

But I recommend to do a brief summery or statics what that thread have achieved. and most important, if I was a certain linux user/administrator but not familiar with maemo/meego/harmattan before, I will definitely hate aegis... coz "root" dose not gain the SUPER power of the whole system.... hmmm that made what a angry bird I was

so, brief introduction/summary/statics will be nice. and what's open mode and why open mode clarified will be fine. coz seemed I didnot see maemo people here feel the no-kia aegis policy.

that's what i thought. cheers.

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