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Originally Posted by kiiwii View Post
so, open a new thread is nice.
But I recommend to do a brief summery or statics what that thread have achieved. and most important, if I was a certain linux user/administrator but not familiar with maemo/meego/harmattan before, I will definitely hate aegis... coz "root" dose not gain the SUPER power of the whole system.... hmmm that made what a angry bird I was
That's a good point....
If I have time I'll amend the OP with a brief summary of what open-mode's about, & why it's needed etc.

1st I need feedback from participants in the original thread, as-to-whether they're happy w/the location of this thread.
Maybe they don't want to bother with a new thread now, although I think javispedro's logic for a new one was sound.
Personally I think this is a better spot than anywhere at FMC, way more inclusive & way more eyes etc.

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