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I have been happily running aegis-free on my N950 for several weeks now.
It is so nice to have access to the full variety of Debian apps, like a text editor and a VNC viewer...

I have had problems with the following apps, both of which were solved by replacing the aegisfs dirs with a basic dir.
- facebook app
- location / gps / maps app
I have to manually replace the dirs after each reboot, quite annoying.

I have had recent problems with Skype chat not displaying messages in the chat window. Still investigating that.

The other apps seem to be Ok with aegis dirs now that I've stopped messing around with them...

I want to figure out how to extract all of the files out of aegisfs directories before flashing to open mode, then after flashing, disabling the aegisfs mounts and copying in the files unencrypted.

PS good choice of forum for this thread!
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