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Well - I have managed to answer my own question

I found a link to PirateBox for n810. This allows the n810 to act as an access point and a web server (with lighttpd).

The instructions are at

A couple of notes may help you get it working
1. I needed to 'sudo gainroot' to run lighttpd.
2. I changed the IP addresses from to and the min-max to I'm not sure if I had to do this, but it didn't seem to work otherwise.

Once you have followed the instructions, running /sbin/ifconfig on the n810 should show an IP address of

Then, you have to disconnect your PC (or whatever - my HTC Desire Z works happily as well) from the standard Access Point to use your new (unsecured) access point.

Check the IP address - it will be of the form, where xxx was 214 for me.

So the PC is now accessing the n810 as a personal area network. If you have lighttpd setup properly, now you can access web pages from your n810 at

Hope this helps

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