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For all those, who are using CacheMe4Harmattan or AGTL: changed their online maps. Because of that, our tools will not work any more. For more information, please see

As for CacheMe, I hope Till will be able to fix this without having to rewrite to much. Until then, CacheMe/CacheMe4Harmattan only function, if you use PocketQueries. Once Till publishes a new working version, I will backport it to Harmattan.
On N9 check out this:
CacheMe 4 the N9, a geocaching client / MiniBible, a bible viewer / TheWord brings daily bible verses onto your phone / BatteryGraph to monitor the battery drainage / doublepress2unlock to unlock your phone with a double press onto the power button / GPRS Data Usage to monitor your GPRS data usage /
and more...

On N900 check out this: SleepAnalyser to analyse your sleep movements / PasswordMaker a for a password generator