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Been curious about these headphones ever since they were introduced, happened to spotted them on sale last week and couldn't resist so bought them.

The advertised elimination of 99.8% of background noise was bit of a letdown and with closer examination they actually only promise it in the bass range (where it matters the most, as they say), so they probably aren't lying. Still it does seem to make the sound clearer and the bass more snappier. Will have to try them in the bus tomorrow, which is the use I wanted the noise cancellation for.

Sound quality is quite acceptable, probably doesn't lose much to my FutureSonics Atrio M5, although would love to get Comply Comfy tips for it for extra sound isolation. My Ultrasone HFI-780 does have more soundstage and overall better quality, but that's to be expected.

Plugs are pretty comfortable in the ears and seem to hold well, even when I had the unit hanging by the cord. The clip works well and apparently it even comes with a neck strap, but didn't try that yet.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the purchase, at least with the 60e price. Finally get some use for the NFC, don't have to be tangled with the cord all the time and can control the playback so much easier, especially since the lock screen music controls don't work with spotify or audiobook player. I do recommend it!

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