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well latest versions of batterypatch 8.0 =< are not using conservative anymore

maybe those problem you are talking about used to happen with older versions
tbh bp wasn't stable enough till version 7.5

however the newest ones are tested enough
please recheck and reply as fast as possible

but few points here
you can't set the max and the mix to the same value
it will load the min the one right before the max one ex : in your case 550 would be the min

and of course you get conservative back again (older versions) because bp uses it's own kernel-config settings
so editing them would be from /opt/batterypatch/profiles/overclock-new
or overclock-old (if using an old kernel 48 >=)


@woody from kp thread

first thanks for your post woody

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I think you're being a little disingenuous here.
oh well i believe i've been angry a bit especially i saw what ed_boner posted right after a new explosion near my house

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Current versions do not. Older versions did. We've already determined this is an older version. If it was installed in conjunction with SP, then really there are injections and the like. For all we know he could be using one of the script versions, from before there was even an installer package...
well here you messed up a bit
even older version of batterypatch didn't inject
it's speedpatch that does so

Originally Posted by woody14619 View Post
As for a "test" about BP, we have that test: We ask if someone has it installed. When dozens of people have issues with it, and the question at hand is about changes happening that are known to be caused by BP, a test is far from needed.
just the experience of what harry had .. proves that there's no way to determinate a result ..
and i meant a test for removing stuff

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As you've noted multiple times in your own thread, sometimes it will take more than one reboot to "fix" issues around install/uninstall of BP. Also, if this version of BP is old enough to be using 125Mhz, it's probably also old enough to have uninstall issues as well (there were many versions that didn't clean up after themselves very well). Which means that even uninstalling it may not have cleaned it off his system.
it's speedpatch who need more than a reboot
not batterypatch

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