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Before I can promote qt-components-10 to extras, I need some clarification about it's dependences, and the proper way to push it into maemo packaging infraestructure.

qt-components has two main soft requirements:
  • nokia pure fonts: Nokia pure is internally used as the default font for components like Label, Button, etc. Althought fremantle version could make use of some sort of 'theme system' to change default font to one selected by user, changes introduced on nokia-pure PR1.2 makes a bit tough to perfect pixel UIs for both, Harmattan and Fremantle devices.
  • icons from blanco theme: They aren't open but we can use on Fremantle and community projects like Mer.

According to @qgil post We have a 'go ahead' to push those requirements, the question is where. A webfont version of nokia-pure is already on free-extras (ttf-nokiapure) but this post says that 'grey packages' should go on non-free repo. Where's the problem? Problem is that IIRC, we can promote a package that had dependences on non-free packages.

Question is, How I should proceed. I can package non-free icons on blanco-theme package and add a hard dependence to it on qt-components-10 package. I can also update a new nokia-fonts package with Harmattan PR1.2 fonts to extras-devel and also add a hard dependence to it. This is the easiest approach and It allow people to also work on a set of free-icons deployed with base theme to be used on Non Nokia platforms (BB10)

I've already send a private message to @laasonen to see If he can update ttf-nokiapure package. I've already packaged nokia-pure fonts, and I can push to extras-devel, but I prefer to use their package if it's updated properly.

I also want to ask removal of qt-components package. It doesn't contain platform adaptation and brings a lot of confusion.

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