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sulu, I've noticed that new version of pulseaudio packages got released. Of course, i haven't updated them - due to lack of special tweaks, that we have in Your version.

what do You think - is it feasible for You to prepare updated version with Your patchset on top of it, or is it better to wait until Wheezy officially enters stable?

No new on Chromium bug, which is kinda driving me mad, due to Iceweasel being totally useless (sloooooooow). Maybe we should seek assistance with Chromium developers (i.e. bug report)?

OTOH, it may be good idea to test, if version that we used in Squeeze, still works ok in our Wheezy ED, or spazm out the same way, as never incarnation.


// Edit

I've installed Squeeze version of Chromium (by editing ED's /etc/apt/sources.list, changing line:

deb wheezy main
deb squeeze main
(thanks conred for spotting a "typo" here, fixed)

...and reverting it after installation)

...and Squeeze version works well, so it's problem with never chromium itself. Now, who know how to properly patch up bug report for Chromium devs?

In meantime, I'm happily using ancient version of Chromium, that worked before.

// Edit 2

IIRC, we wouldn't able to update Chromium for Squeeze too (for a long time), due to lack of arm build present. I hope, that in case of Wheezy, they haven't mixed up versions, and we're not trying to run i386 one (thus, "memory protection violation"), resulting in Chromium collapsing in flames?
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