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no idea where this will go (if anywhere), but in order to get a clearer picture of what we are getting ourselves into...
Q1) when will the new Council enter into office?
Q2) when will the Board enter into office?
Q) will both terms overlap?
Q3) when and how will we accept or reject the "by-laws"?
The new Council officially replaces the current council at the completion of the election although there is usually some delay and handover.

The Board being elected is for the new non-profit (that doesn't exist quite yet). So they don't start until there is an official meeting of the nonprofit at which each of the elected Board members formally accepts the position.

The council term is 6 months from the date of the election (although Nokia is likely to cut off before then - 12/31/2012). The Board's term is one year from whenever they take office. Despite being held at the same time, these elections are for different organizations and the overlap circumstantial (although it is my personal hope that the nonprofit can continue to use the community council body for facilitating maemo projects).

The bylaws process is going on now through community review and will continue as long as needed. We will be working to have a much improved draft by Sept 17th so that it can serve as a reference point during the Board elections. If there is a provision of concern in the bylaws, then it should be debated in conjunction with the Board election and asked of the Board candidates rather than the Community Council candidates.
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