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Network & Communications (Part 2 of 2)

Developer: kesrut
Category: Network & Communications
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

My app is named ServerMonitor. This summer I started to learn C++ and Qt. It’s my first Qt App. App uses SSH protocol (I’m using libssh2 library) to connect to server and get some information (like uptime/memory usage/loads). It’s tiny app. Not very advanced. It might have bugs or crash. It was hard to develop without real device.

* I learn how to use Qt, QML and C++. App’s most logic done in C++. So for me it was hard understand how to connect QML and C++.
* App uses aegis to store password securely. I had to debug to make aegis work properly.
* Learn how to work with memory management. My app might have memory leaks.
* Many people love Qt. But I found for me my Qt app crashes more than iPhone version. Maybe practice makes everything.
* I started to do my app in summer beginning. I participated on #harmattan channel using heymaster nick. Helpful people helped on app development. Without them i won’t writing these words now.
* I posted whole code on github. It’s my first opensource project.

Download Instructions:
Github page for source code:

Binary image for your Nokia N9 device is stored in file servermonitor_0.0.1_armel.deb. (on github)

SMS Scheduler
Developer: opax
Category: Network & Communications
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

It’s a simple sms scheduler.
Type a message, choose a contact, chose a date to send the message and it’s ok!
I tried to build an app as similar as possible to the default sms writer.
I ve coded everything but I admit I took some inspiration on Qt examples.

Download Instructions:
You can get the deb here:

to launch the daemon : /opt/sms_scheduler/bin/scheduled
to launch the ui : /opt/sms_scheduler/bin/scheduleui

Usually if you launch the ui and the daemon is not started, it will start automatically.
Be carefull the daemon may take a long to start.

Actually there is no support page, as it is still not released, but here are some ’tricks’ :
To get the completion while typing a contact you should push ’Enter’.
A long press on scheduled messages on the main page opens a menu.

Developer: Paolo Angelelli
App category: Network & Communications
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

syncgcontactgs is a command-line application to synchronize N9 contacts with the contacts from multiple gmail accounts.

Syncgcontacts also supports gmail contact groups (even though they are not mapped to phone contact groups, mostly because i find them not very practical), and allows moderately complex queries.

A typical command line invocation might look like this:
/opt/syncgcontacts/bin/syncgcontacts -a

This instructs syncgcontacts to copy into the phone the contacts from the account, and belonging to the groups "Home" AND "Friends", but neither to the groups "LosAngeles" nor to the group "Seattle", and to also copy into the phone the contacts from the gmail account, belonging to IBM,Apple and SanFrancisco groups, but not to the Microsoft group.

As far as i know, there is no other app to perform such type of synchronization on Harmattan (syncevolution, the only alternative to stock MfE contacts synchronization can only sync one account and no group filtering)

I started developing syncgcontacts from scratch, and it has been published around the middle of August, already attracting some interest from those people that, like me, like to have their phone contacts separated in different accounts, or, at least, in different groups.


Developer: ajalkane
Category: Network & Communications
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

Toggles WLAN scanning on/off.

The main purpose of the application is to prevent stuttering of audio with Bluetooth, which is caused by WLAN scanning.

Upon installation you will see an icon on your home screen ”WlanScanOff”. Clicking on it will turn WLAN scanning off, and the icon will reflect the current state. The text will turn to ”WlanScanOn”. Click it and WLAN scanning is resumed and icon will again reflect the current state.

Download Instructions:
Settings -> Applications -> Installations: ”Allow installations from non-Store sources” must be enabled before installing.

Application can be downloaded from the announcement:

Transmission Remote
Developer: munozferna
Category: Network & Communications
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

Transmission Remote is a Transmission Remote client for Harmattan. This app also includes a Transmission Daemon which you can easily control from the Menu application to Start, Stop and Open the webui in case you need not implemente features.

The whole QML ui was implemented and the transmission rpc library is used
Transmission and some unmet dependencies were compiled for harmattan in order to get the daemon in the package.

Download Instructions:
Announce thread:

User Agent Tool
Developer: marmistrz
Category: Network & Communications
Beginner: No
Platform: Fremantle (N900)

Application Description:
User Agent Tool is an application to modify the Maemo Browser's user agent. This way you can view sites created for different device.

A lot of presets, including Nokia N9, Apple iPhone 4S, Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Galaxy S3, HP Pre 3 and more
Easy reverting the user agent to the default N900's one
You can change the user agent to anything!
Launching the web browser from inside the app
View your current user agent

Download Instructions:
Announce thread:
1. Enable extras-devel
2. In Hildon App. Manager install User Agent Tool or as root: apt-get install useragenttool
To run, just click the entry in the menu

Additional notes:
To minimize click top left corner, to close click top right corner
In case of any problems, let me know.

Developer: cckwes
Category: Network & Communications
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan and Fremantle

Application Description:

WifiTrans is an application that enable users to transfer files via wireless network. WifiTrans works by creating a local http server so that user can browse the files and directory in their phone (MyDocs folder) via a web browser from any authorize devices. Users can download files from phone, upload files to phone, create directory as well as remove directories and files in their phone through web browser remotely.

Download Instructions:
Wifitrans for Harmattan is available at Nokia Store:
This application is also available for download at Apps ForMeeGo:

For fremantle user, the deb package is available for download at .

The deb depends on the following packages which is available on extras-devel repo [use at your own risk]
python, python-pyside.qtcore, python-pyside.qtgui, python-pyside.qtdeclarative

The announcement thread at TMO is located here:

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Cybot950 - Control a robot with your N9/N950
SMSPetFeeder - Build a Bluetooth/SMS dog feeder with Qt, N950, and arduino
Nerf950 - Use your N9/N950 to fire a Nerf gun

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