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Updates and development on existing apps (Part 1 of 3)

Audiobook reader
Developer: kunal_the_one
Category: Updates and development on existing apps
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

Audiobook reader is player for audio book files, its simple bookmarking application for audiobooks. It remembers last read position automatically, plus also allows to add custom book mark and selective play back of individual chapter audio file.

For this competition,

I added support for audiobook for N9 with enhanced UI
I added support for auto download of cover art for audiobook.
Auto sleep timer, to auto pause and save audiobook position after predefined timer
Random playback of chapter in audiobook, this is helpful it you want to use it as folder base music player.

Download link location,

Developer: b0unc3
Category: Desktop, System & Utilities
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

AutoCallSMS is a feature that enables you to simply call back a contact from a received sms by simply put your phone near your ear. The feature could be enabled/disabled from the Settings Panel, in Settings->Applications->AutoCallSMS.

In this update I've added a timeout configuration, you can choose how long the proximity sensor has to be covered before to start the call, this would avoid accidental calls.
I've also made some fix to avoid repeating calls, and random calls.
By the default the feature is enabled and the timeout is setted to 1 sec

Download Instructions:

Developer: bibek
Category: Updates and development on existing apps
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

Blob is a Qt based Blogger (formerly blogspot) client for Symbian and Meego devices. Apart from the basic features, it has a few special tricks up its sleeve along with a thoughtfully designed UI for maximising ease and speed.

The update to version 2.0 from beta includes the following changes :

• Added support for WordPress (Now its a dual client ).
• Add, edit, delete, read WordPress blogs, and everything you did with Blogger earlier.
• Read ”freshly pressed” WordPress blogs
• Read blogs by entering url also in guest mode (apart from sites, some websites like , seem to work )
• Threaded comments in WordPress (nested)
• Long press to show Link sharing options, including Pocket integration
• Implemented clipboard manager that stores the entries from clipboard which you can access while writing a post
• Font size adjustability
• Dark theme added
• Major UI upgrade all over.

Bug fixes include:
• Text Area scrolling fixed in post editor
• Pop up dialog sizes for link inserting are improved.

Download Instructions:
Store download :

Project site :

TMO thread :

Developer: CaCO3
Category: Games, Graphics & Multimedia
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

CacheMe is a geocaching application for the N9. It uses the geocache database from Groundspeak and the maps provided by Nokia, OpenStreetMaps and Cloudmade.
If you have GPX files you can also use it for limited offline geocaching.

CacheMe is developed and maintained by Till Harbaum. He provided me with the source and I was able to port it to the N9. The UI is written in Qt which means it would look very ugly and difficult to operate on the N9.
I was able to rewrite the UI and add stylesheets to make it more like a native N9 application.
Beside of the port I added new functionality like map scale and additional tools.
More information is available at my website:

Download Instructions:
Because it was very time consuming to difficult to port it and fulfil all of Nokias store requirements, it is not available for free.
There is a trial version ( and a full version ( available.

Crazy Chickens game
Developer: kunal_the_one
Category: Updates and development on existing apps
Beginner: No
Platform: Fremantle

Application Description:

Crazy Chickens is classic egg catcher game, its goal is to catch as much of egg s as possible before trial runs out.

For this competition,
I added support for Camera mode with motion detection to game.
Using camera mode, user can interact with game using camera which track user’s motion and move game character accordingly, something similar xbox kinect.

I also upgraded game graphics a little and enhanced game’s algorithm for this competition.

Download Instructions:
Following is download link,

Following is support page,

Following is live demo,

Developer: leon.anavi
Category: Updates and development on existing apps
Beginner: No
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

Location2sms automatically finds your location, retrieves your address, shows a map and provides buttons to share your location via SMS or e-mail. The application supports multiple languages and multiple map engines.

Location2sms is free open-source application. Source code is available under GPLv3 license in Gitorious:

Location2sms was ranked on 4th place at the Beginners category of MeeGo Coding Competition 2011. The Qt release of location2sms has achieved more than 158 000 downloads since July 2011 only from Nokia Ovi Store.

New features and improvements since MeeGo Coding Competition 2011:
- Support of multiple languages added (English, Bulgarian, Turkish, Romanian, German, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Indonesian and Finnish)*
- Support of multiple map engines (Google, Google Satellite, Bing, Nokia, OpenStreetMap, Yandex)
- Short URL with map of the location powered by added to the message content
- Button to share location via E-mail added
- Signature of the application added to the end of the message for e-mails
- Options menu added
- Settings screen added
- Option to enable/disable location data added
- Privacy policy at About screen added
- Launcher icon modified
- Automatic screen orientation bug for MeeGo Harmattan fixed
- Java port for Android and BlackBerry Playbook started

Promotional YouTube videos:

Supported OS:
MeeGo Harmattan (Qt release), Symbian (Qt release for Symbian S60 5th Edition, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle), Android (Java release 2.1 or higher), BlackBerry PlayBook (Java release)

Latest stable Qt release: 2.1.8 (4 Sept 2012)

* Translations to some of the supported languages were provided by open-source contributors.

Download Instructions:
Locaiton2sms is available for free download at Nokia Ovi Store:

Support page:

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Cybot950 - Control a robot with your N9/N950
SMSPetFeeder - Build a Bluetooth/SMS dog feeder with Qt, N950, and arduino
Nerf950 - Use your N9/N950 to fire a Nerf gun

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