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Beginners (Part 1 of 4)

Developer: Antoine Vacher
Category: Desktop, System & Utilities
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

The goal of this application for MeeGo Harmattan is to access to popular cinema websites from AlloCine group with a native application. It is somewhat comparable in functionnalities to Android or iPhone applications. The information is accessed through the AlloCine API for wich information can be found here:

Note that this is not an official application, and we are in no way related to AlloCine company.

While initially developped in french only, the application will support all the websites powered by AlloCine API. At the moment the application supports the following services:
  • AlloCine (French - France)
  • Screenrush (English - United Kingdom)

The development was performed from scratch and this is my very first QT/QML application, and also my first mobile phone application.

Download Instructions:
The application is not yet on the Nokia Store, but a deb package can be directly downloaded from the project page:

Note that the application is opensource so the sources can also be downloaded from the GitHub repository.

More screenshots are displayed on the project page.

Alpha Strike
Developer: aStrike
Category: Games, Graphics & Multimedia
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Fremantle (N900)

Application Description:
Alpha Strike is a fast-paced 3D action shooting game in which you move the player with the accelerometer and shoot with the on-screen joystick. Your target is to shoot as many robotic enemies as you can while avoiding their attacks and using the health or weapon bonuses. As you kill more enemies, your score gets higher. The game was created by me from scratch and is original (not a port of an existing game). Alpha Strike was programmed on and for the N900 using C++. It uses SDL1.2 and OpenGL ES2.0 for the 3D graphics rendering. It is currently aimed for the N900, but I think it is fairly portable to other platforms too.
The game features include: High-res textures, varied and multicolored arenas, keyframe animations for the game figures, vertex buffer objects, interleaving and indexed arrays for better performance, highscores system, visual effects such as lighting with textures, simple reflections and shadows, textured animations with particles effects for explosions and bullet collisions, etc.

Download Instructions:
For installation instructions, download links, more screenshots and details visit the Alpha Strike thread:

Developer: jukra
Category: Other
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Fremantle (N900)

Application Description:

BioPower is my first ever open source release and as a such also a long time dream come true!

BioPower for Nokia N900 is tool to estimate solid bio fuel burner current input power. It listens and visualizes the sound of conveyor detecting the on / off cycles from the sound. From conveyor on / off cycles the current input power of the burner can be estimated. BioPower utilizes the capabilities of N900 in a clever way to accomplish this task.

BioPower is based on BabyPhone (version 1.0) of Robert Morawek. During the competition time
frame, I have done the following work to turn BabyPhone to BioPower:
- modified the mainscreen to fit BioPower
- modified the Settings screen to fit BioPower
- modified the About screen to fit BioPower
- developed double median filtering of audio samples (MovingAverage class)
- developed the automatic audio threshold level control for edge detection (in MainWindow::refreshAudioData)
- developed the edge detection based on the automatically controller threshold level on the
double median filtered audio samples (in MainWindow::refreshAudioData)
- developed the algorithm to estimate the input power of burner based on measured on / off cycles of conveyor (in MainWindow::refreshAudioData)
- added the display for: current power, current feed-%, last spiral period
- Removed ability to send SMS / make phone calls
- set up garage project and web pages for BioPower at
- last and maybe the least changed the name of the project and the purpose of original application =)

Hopefully I did not forget anything =)

Download Instructions:
Download the .deb package into Nokia N900 from garage using link Then in N900 file manager click the package and install it.

The web page is at
The announce thread is at

Developer: ( , (
Category: Games, Graphics & Multimedia
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Fremantle (N900)

Application Description:
BlockMaster is a puzzle solving 2D platformer.
Its a game where you must guide all characters to the exits by modifying( creating or destroying ) blocks on the map.
It has 28 unique playable levels.

See gameplay video on youtube:

Work completed by me:
- engine(physics, game logic), from scratch
- idea
- levels
- some graphics
It's coded using OpenGLES2 and QT.

Download Instructions:
Announce thread:
Download link: v 1.1.4 Fremantle armel
If you have problems installing, uninstall previous versions first. If you still have problems ask for help in announce thread or mail me at

Developer: draxcp6
Category: Games, Graphics & Multimedia
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Fremantle (N900) and Harmattan

Application Description:
You get letters, and you must use them for given time (configurable) in order to not receive penalty (configurable). You define how big table will be, how many letters you get per round, what dictionary to use (at the moment only English and Serbian are supported) and many more. In other words, game is very customizable so you can adjust it however you like.
Also, it is optimized for touch screens (cellphones supports landscape and portrait modes) but it works good on desktops.

Whole game is my work and it is written from scratch.

Download Instructions:
Here is thread dedicated for application:
Download details and instructions are in that thread.

Developer: chrm
Application name: DingMee
Category: Desktop, System & Utilities
Beginner: Yes
Platform: Harmattan

Application Description:

DingMee is an off-line translator for many languages. Dictionaries can be easy downloaded and stored an the device.

Technology: C++ and QML
Copyright: GPLv3

Work done within the competition timeframe:
Design and implementation

Download Instructions:
Download from:
(runtime limited version)
(full version)

Announce thread:

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Cybot950 - Control a robot with your N9/N950
SMSPetFeeder - Build a Bluetooth/SMS dog feeder with Qt, N950, and arduino
Nerf950 - Use your N9/N950 to fire a Nerf gun

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