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Short update: While looking around for a way to allow signups it quickly became clear that Instagram doesn't like other apps to create users for their platform. Meaning: They want to keep their platform closed.

Interestingly enough there is a supported way to sign up without having access to the official apps via the developer registration (which creates an normal Instagram user as well). However they say that they will block every app that uses this method to sign up new users. See here for details:

Of course I could use the official way to sign up by making Instago behave like the official iPhone app. But once Instagram realises that, they will ban the app (and most likely my accounts as well).

As my long term goal is to approach them to be an official whitelisted app, it would only hurt to go against their policies at this stage (even if the chances are very slim in the first place).

Long story short: No user regisitration for now. I hope you can all understand this.

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