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well i for in am in love with Bumblr - its what Symbian needed for sooooo long and didnt have, cos Tumbly didnt work / wouldnt log in and the dev abandoned it.

Now that i've jumped off the symbian ship and now feet planted firmly on Harmattan, its needed, loved and appreciated!

Now i'm off to the store to buy it!

edited: bought and downloaded! THANK YOU!
Good to know, but please do not create/edit your posts wriitten in language other than English.
Accidentally I chosed QString::toLatin1() for QString to QByteArray conversion and it messes the post.
I've fixed this with v1.1.1 but thanks to superfast Nokia QA it is not passed yet.
The QA guys tested Bumblr with device date set to 2011 and then failed it since it wasn't sending correct OAuth requests as timestamp was wrong! It has been over 15 days and it hasn't been passed for Symbian yet!