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Hey guys, first post here - I don't know if it has been mentioned before, so I'll just assume it hasn't.

Last week I've been using cuteTube-QML extensively and I noticed/have a couple of bugs/suggestions:

- when cuteTube is selected as the video player, after watching a few videos and opening the next one the 'Loading...' text is shown, after a while a frame from the previous video is shown behind the text, but the selected video won't load, neither any other video after that - unless the program is restarted

- when an external video player is selected, video start significantly slower when opened from a list (search, favorites, uploads...) compared to when started from the video info screen (when video first clicked by the title, not thumbnail)

- after a video has finished playing, when the related videos popup has... popped up sometimes it appears twice and only one of them can be closed and the other one stays there like an overlay even when you exit the current video, most of the times obstructing access to any UI elements - again fixed after restarting the program

- I don't know if intended, but feels confusing compared to YouTube - after opening the info screen of a video, going to the related videos, selecting one, going to it's related videos, selecting a video and so on... when going back, you go through all of the videos you've selected (in reverse path) as opposed to going straight to where you began (from where you opened the first window)

- an info screen with keyboard controls/shortcuts, or if there aren't any - implementing them