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As suggested here by stskeeps, this is a thread dedicated towards discussing & contributing to these two docs:
Sailfish(Jolla): Questions & Ideas (needs some reorganising, perhaps some of it can be moved to the new doc?)
Sailfish(Jolla): Concerns/Criticisms (a blank slate that's awaiting your input!)

As we get answers to our Qns & concerns/criticisms, they'll be moved from those docs & placed here.
Hopefully the vast majority of what's still unclear will be revealed at Slush...
But if it's not, at least we'll have a clear structure about what we do/don't know, & what concerns/irritates us.
Ideally we'll get some of it answered before then by bundling the content from the Google docs into a pdf & sending that to Jolla.
I won't have time to help with much of this, so I was hoping one or more users would be willing to step-up & coordinate most of it?
About 1wk from now I'll lock those documents (upon request) to all but a select few.
But in the meantime, it's fine for anyone to add their content to both docs...
Ideas about what to put in them or how they should be organised can be discussed here.

A forewarning, this thread is strictly about discussing the content of the aforementioned documents & or the wiki.
Users who repeatedly derail it with useless or non-constructive criticism, be prepared to have your posts deleted & or be banned.
I encourage active participants to regularly and enthusiastically report such individuals.
If you want to go way off tangent, we already have a thread that's served that purpose very well so far.
Any further ideas & or thoughts about how to proceed are greatly welcomed!
Mods if you feel this thread's best suited for General (higher views on avg. anyway) feel free to move it, I just figured this sub-forum was more apt.

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