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Now the first version of ubiboot N9 environment is ready for release

See the (low quality) video on

The downloads and documentation can be found from


- Configurable boot environment that can be used to launch different OS'ses / kernels for N9
- Integrated repair/maintanance mode

With ubiboot you need not ever flash a kernel again, you can use similar procedures to maintain your kernels an on regular desktops, just copy kernel&mudules to device and edit boot list.

With ubiboot it is easy to change OS'es on the fly, you can boot your device to Harmattan/Nemo/Nitdroid without any extra equipment, and select what kernel you want to use with the OS.

Thanks (in alphabetical order) go to at least the following people;
Hurrian, Jonni, Peterleinchen, Sledges, Stskeeps and propably others

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Note about Open Mode

To use Ubiboot, your device needs to be running in Open Mode. What this means, is that some of the Aegis security framework functionality is suppressed even as you cannot ever turn Aegis off completely in a Harmattan device. For this reason it matters greatly how you enter Open Mode.

This following note is relevant not for only ubiboot but also to all the cases where a device is being run in Open Mode, regardless of the kernel and boot mode to do so.

To correctly flash the device for Open Mode, you need to ensure that the Aegis keys and credentials on the device are created with Open Mode keys, not with the default Closed Mode keys.

The Aegis key generation happens the first time a device boots after a clean flash, before user is presented with the UI of the device. Hence, it is important to make sure that the device boots up in Open Mode the first time after flashing. The way to accomplish this is what I call back-to-back flashing.

Back-to-back flashing is performed by first flashing the device like in "normal closed mode flashing", both emmc and rootfs. Then, immediately flashing the device again, now with an Open Mode kernel, without letting the device to boot up between the two flashing rounds.

If you perform this correctly, the device will start up in Open Mode so that aegis keys are created correctly. This will help you avoid all odd problems caused by running device with incorrect credentials (password problems, strange hangups and boots, general slowing and lagging of device...)

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