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How to install on n900
(not using easy debian)

  • sudo gainroot
  • apt-get install python2.5-qt4 mplayer lame libportaudio2 python-sqlalchemy busybox-power
  • cd /home/user
  • create a link to MyDocs (the database can be huge)
    mkdir /home/user/MyDocs/.anki
    mkdir /home/user/MyDocs/Anki
    ln -s /home/user/MyDocs/.anki .anki
    ln -s /home/user/MyDocs/Anki Anki
  • wget
  • tar xvzf anki-2.0.8.tgz
  • place the attached patch (source code change to make it compatible with python 2.5) in /home/user/
  • cd /home/user/anki-2.0.8
  • run
    patch -p1 < ../anki.patch.txt
  • apt-get install libssl-dev python-dev libbluetooth3-dev gcc libc6-dev python-setuptools
  • easy_install pip
  • pip install ssl
  • apt-get autoremove --purge libssl-dev python-dev libbluetooth3-dev libc6-dev
  • run it with

there are still a few small minor display problems.
But the application works.
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