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Originally Posted by SD69 View Post
Even if one assumes (mistakenly I think) that Woody's acceptance was necessary, that was done no later than Tuesday, March 5
I disagree. I believe it would be a hard to argue that a written resignation, sent as and e-mail attachment, is required to start the clock, but that appointment (without verbal or written acceptance or acknowledgement) is fine for stopping it.

You're also wrong in the math part. My acceptance, even if in the window you declare, didn't push us up to 3. Jim already noted that his lack of participation here was mainly because he was unaware he had been nominated. I'd hardly call that an acceptance, until his post(s) here indicating his conditional acceptance.

That makes the timeframe, to me, look like this:
2013-02-25: Rob + Ivan + Tim = 3
2013-02-26: Rob + Tim = 2
2013-03-04: Rob = 1
2013-03-05: Rob + Woody = 2
2013-03-10: Rob + Woody + JimJag = 3

Even if it were arguable that nomination was sufficient to stop the clock, this is again a letter of the law vs a spirit of the law item.

The 7 day clause was put in to prevent the loss of a single Director on a 3 Director board from causing immediate elections that could disrupt important ongoing activity. When all three elected Directors are no longer Directors, and current activity will not be destabilized by starting this 45 day process... I'd say it's time to do it.

From the current tally so far, it would appear that Jim and I both are for starting the election process. It seems a rather simple task, and as I noted, one that shouldn't interfere with the current transitions in process. I will prepare a time-table and present it to both Council and Board. We can then move that as a priority topic at the next meeting.

The only real burdens here actually falls on Council and myself. My burden being to get the karma and voting systems back up and fully running so we can actually hold the upcoming elections. Something I need to do anyway for the upcoming Council election.

Actually, the voting system is running now, but simply lacks historic data, which I can re-add at any time now that I've found the backup file for that data. The karma system I am looking into still. It's partially functional, but is not computing some of the karma values, notably those for wiki, bugs, and TMO.
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