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Dear Community

The nomination period for candidates for the upcoming Maemo Community Council and Hildon Foundation Council has ended on the 23rd of the current month of April. The voting begins on Tuesday the 30th of April. We are happy to see more than enough candidates to hold an election this time. The candidates are as follows:

Ruediger Schiller (chemist)
Joerg Reisenweber (joerg_rw/DocScrutinizer)
Edoardo Spadolini (kerio)
Christian Ratzenhofer (Merlin1991)
Aakash Sadh (thedead1440)
Michael Demetriou (qwazix)
Paul Healy (sixwheeledbeast)

You can see all candidates and their declarations at the following wiki page:
One day earlier, on the 29th, the voting for the currently running referendum will end, as planned, in order to have the results of the vote before the voting period for the Council starts.
The nomination period for the elections of the Hildon Foundation Board is extended for 4 weeks due to insufficient candidates.

On behalf of the Maemo Community Council chair,

Michael Demetriou
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