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Released IPython 0.13.2 with terminal, Qt console and Notebook interfaces on Mer. Some dependencies (zeromq, python-pyzmq and python-tornado) are also available, see my Mer repository using Mer COBS.

IPython 0.13.2 showing SymPy 0.7.2 on Sailfish OS emulator (from Sailfish SDK) :

Look at the topic "IPython 0.13.1 for MeeGo Harmattan" for more details about IPython 0.13 use with terminal, Qt console and Notebook interfaces.

IPython Notebook 0.13.2 only shows the Dashboard due to limitations of the Helium web browser on Sailfish OS emulator :

Nemo Mobile and Sailfish OS have until now only the Helium web navigator which doesn't work with IPython Notebook : the Dashboard is shown but the user can't select a notebook or create a new notebook. Maybe a future and more complete web navigator will make possible to use IPython Notebook on Nemo/Saifish OS.

IPython Qt console 0.13.2 works well on Nemo Mobile (and also Sailfish OS) emulator, only limitation is the windows take only part of the screen :
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