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the mantra:
first we try to fix the fremantle core system foss bits to match the new hw platform.
if that can't be done we try to patch the kernel device drivers so the new device looks like the the N900 one to userland
if that can't be done we try to RE userland blobs or binary-patch them or write bridging-adapters from one ABI to the other
if that can't be done we need to adapt the hw platform to more closely resemble the N900.

Better alternative to the "closed packages" link above:
Also see !

Our "foundation":

Highly relevant:

Some definitions of landmarks:
DM3730 is considered thumb-safe
charging in Neo900 will be similar to reference implementation (TWL4030-based), so no bme blob needed [edit: this is not finally decided on yet, we might use more N900-alike charging (edit2) or even use something completely new that doesn't need any cpu support at all but isn't based on twl4030 either which is what we do now] , but we need some replacement that offers same data to HAL.
Audio hardware will be 99% compatible to n900 hw, to accommodate fremantle audio blobs like alsaped and nokia proprietary PA plugins. Except for modem audio which will be a plain I2S PCM stream (just like the codec has one), instead of some obscure "network-attached" stream tunneled through ISI aka phonet0 hw interface (the notorious cntspeech).

nice info: (for unclear reasons I get a "not allowed to acccess..." with Konqueror. FF works)

About camera (about meego/sailfish, but for stuff like zerocopy and omap3camd and how stuff works it applies to fremantle as well, more or less):

Some concerns about this porting project err about Neo900 err about CSSU and how it might get negatively influenced by FPTF:
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