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Hello, sailors!

Work has been started, alpha released.
Quite usable, application already have internal updater, so you can follow devel progress.

Client planned for all supported platforms.

Warehouse for Harmattan
Warehouse for SailfishOS

Harmattan: If you have problems after updating to 0.1.4+ version, uninstall warehouse, reboot your phone, and install latest version.

Source code available on github.
Language translations are located at Transifex.

I'll update this post as new features will be implemented.
Some screenshots:


  • Browsing apps
  • Install/Uninstall apps
  • Repository management
  • App search
  • Comment views
  • Update notifications
  • URI-sheme support

  • Comments & ratings

Warehouse URI-Scheme: openrepos://
Supported URIs:
  • client/start - start or bring to front warehouse
  • apps/ID/view - open application by it's ID
so you can post links like openrepos://apps/4/view within qr code for quick apps browsing.

More details will be available later.

Have a nice day.

Q&A section:
  • Q: I see "Package 'xxxx' is not user package" error message
    A: Basically this means that package does not provide suitable launcher icon for home screen. So app cannot be launched without terminal usage, and, probably, you dont need this package.
    Package itself still can be installed using terminal and 'apt-get install' command.
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