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1) What parts of Neo900 will require closed source firmware/drivers?
3D acceleration will need closed driver. You don't have to use it, 2D and software 3D will work just fine without it. And tThat's the only closed blob that runs on main CPU.

It's not 100% confirmed yet (chosen chipsets may be still changed at this stage), but it's possible that WiFi and/or Bluetooth chip will need some closed firmware to be loaded.

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2) What about hardware support in projects like QtMoko or SHR? From the activity on the SHR's page looks like it's no longer actively developed, merely "maintained".
They should work well, cause they already support GTA04. Some basic adjustments will probably have to be made, but I'm going to ensure that SHR works on Neo900 by myself

(in case you don't know, I'm SHR core team member. Yes, recently there wasn't much going on there, but it's not dead)

About QtMoko, I guess Radek Polak will do the adaptation. For details and confirmation you would of course have to ask himself

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3) On the site you say "Reliable GSM and GPS shutdown from the software." Does it mean that the GSM modem firmware/drivers are open? How Neo900 hardware/software will respond to malicious, "special" SMSes, that can switch on/off phone's microphone and probably control many others phone's internals? It looks like on average phone the SIM card is like the trojan horse which can control entire phone. Will Neo900 be any different?
No, firmware is not open. Yes, drivers are open. Think about the GSM modem as a USB dongle connected to a laptop (it is, in fact, connected to CPU via USB interface) - you don't have full control about what modem is doing, it may respond in some strange way to some SMS, but that's all it can do. It cannot take the control over other parts of the system - it's just a peripheral device.

And on Neo900, just like in Neo1973, Neo Freerunner and GTA04, you'll be able to route any data from microphone in a way where modem won't get it at all, and in fact that's how it's typically configured unless there's call in progress. So even if modem has some hidden backdoor, all it will be able to get from microphone when it should be idle is the silence.

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4) Are there enough spare parts to build thousands of Neo900s? I know that cases, keyboards, etc. are available, but what about cameras and other stuff? Do you plan to order production of not available parts?
We're actually expecting sales in hundreds, not thousands, so there should be enough available spare parts on the market for this quantity. But if we somehow reach demand of thousands, I think we'll be able to do some production of missing parts by ourselves (which wouldn't be feasible for smaller runs - but for smaller runs there is enough already there ).
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