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[UPDATE] Please see the advice on GolDeliCo's webpage! We currently can't handle destinations other than those in the dropdown list.
[UPDATE 2] see

A note to any of you who tried to donate but their donations got rejected or rolled back: The shop is doing some plausibility tests using an external web service to check and validate credibility of credit card transactions. We don't have any influence or insight into that algorithm, and we only can appologize if you were not able to donate or your donation got rolled back later on.
If your "destination" is not in the dropdown list and you can't even do or don't want to do plain money transfer to our IBAN/SWIFT/bank-account-number then please refer to
Note: if your country is not in the list of the Destinations, we really appreciate that you intend to support the project! But we regret that accepting correctly and finally handling shipment may need us to learn new export rules. We plan to have some distributor network when Neo900 goes into production.
If your donation didn't get accepted or got rolled back, please also contact the mail addr in your order confirmation mail, include the transaction number in subject. We don't reject serious donations, every one of you is an appreciated user for us!
If you want some special processing of your donation, like concatenating or splitting of donations... mention that in your order message text incl. the transaction number of your previous order you want to concatenate with this one and send a mail to the addr of order confirmation mail with your transaction number in subject, explaining what exactly you want to get done with your orders.

Many thanks and sorry for the inconveniences this shopping system (and money in general ;-D ) introduces to our lifes. Please keep the donations rolling, we're not yet there.

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