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Hi all,

I know I can't answer everyone's questions and complaints here, but we are really doing *everything* we can to ship these beloved Jolla phones to you. The logistics with shipping in volumes is crazy and complicated, I'm learning everyday new info and challenges (and I'm not even directly involved in the shipping). And speaking of challenges, we did have some unforeseen hiccups occur, which are being fixed and we're getting things mostly back on track. There may be some slight delay (at least delay from our initial plans) and perhaps even in some cases mix-ed up priority order, but please be rest assured that we are focusing on getting the pre-orders fulfilled as fast as humanly possible (we are humans! despite the rumours... )

If you've made your purchases by 2-Dec, we're sticking stamps on your packages right now. Since that takes up all our resources of hands and tongues, we may not have been as responsive as usual with tweets, irc replies, forum posts, emails, calls, texts, .... However with our eyes and ears open we do hear your concerns and we're working on improving communications. Hopefully you'll start receiving more responses through the official channels, but I thought I'd write something here as one on both sides of the story - I have made my pre-orders (for my parents in Taiwan) and having some webshop issues as well. So I understand the frustration you're facing, as well as the efforts on this side to fix the problems and enable everyone to have a happy Christmas.

DNA has been a supportive partner, however we can't expect them to hold back their sales indefinitely for us. They will start limited sales tomorrow and if my info is correct, they will attend to the pre-order pick-ups first.

"The expected delivery time is 3-4 weeks from completing the purchase." still stands.

I'm not writing on behalf of Jolla the company, but perhaps on behalf of my co-workers (if they allow me to), the amazing individuals who are facing and overcoming incredible challenges, and for whom I have so much respect... Thank you all for your continued understanding and patience. It may sound cliche, but it is heartfelt - we appreciate you and we could not have made this far without your support!

With gratitude,

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