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While looking at the existing bylaws, my draft for the articles of corporation and different solutions used by other foundations, I thought that we probably do not want to simply adopt the existing bylaws. There is room for improvement IMHO, especially for the council. Today, council is a commitee that shows responsible for elections, membership and administrative tasks. A council is not a requirement for foundations, but a practical way to handle duties. A requirement for almost any foundation is to have a general meeting that votes for the board. And while the board can decide on its' own about specified things, the general meeting always has to have the highest level of jurisdiction in the association (can suspend directors).
In order to get a better understanding of the structures of different associations, I sketched some basic Organigramms for your consideration.

HiFo with actual bylaws:

How KDE e.V. is organised:

Proposal 1:

Proposal 2:

Please note, that in the KDE e.V. only a selected group (in our case similar to council) is seen as regular members that can vote for board. These select members cannot be voted in, but get accepted by simple majority of active members (~council). Also the supporting members have no voting rights and cannot be regular members (which I dislike, personally). "Now wait, that's no democratic at all!" - Well, true, community has no rights at all under these circumstances. But it seems to pan out right for KDE e.V., they seem to have a solid base of active members. Personally, I don't prefer their model, but it should be food for thought...
I would like to hear your comments on why you consider which model as best for us. Hopefully, we'll see some consent and can soon start forming the articles of corporation to our needs. Again, for now it's just a base structure which lacks definitions e.g. of what council should be/do.
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