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I guess I don't want to see a situation where a very few people (4-5) are steering the Hildon Foundation. Maybe this feeling is a result of the move to a European-only board... people like me (who live outside the EU) who are interested in Maemo and the Hildon Foundation can never serve as part of the board in this scenario.
Not sure if you got the model right. The idea is to pile up regular members and give them "Steering-rights". If you want to serve, become regular member. You could look at it this way: it's an upgrade for the regular members to council-status. Or you could look at it that way: Council becomes obsolete, since already everybody is in.
But again, it's no problem at all to establish a group within the regular members as a commitee to steer or handle things exactly like council does today or in any desired modification. When you look at my last diagramm, just add a circle within the green field "Regular members", cut out "Council" and paste it in the new circle. The more regular members there are, the more it may be usefull to establish that. We can also establish it now and leave it blank until the desire is there to make use of it. I don't know what's best, I'm just pointing to options.
Board only shows responsible for legal matters, handle finances, provides an office adress, stuff like that. What's new: They receive order from the majority of regular members in the general assembly.

[Edit:] So I stressed my layout skills some more... Here's another model to discuss that would include council as it is now, elected by community:
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