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Ok, I think I pointed out enough alternatives and viable options.
But the general estimation of HiFo-board and council seems to be to stick to the actual bylaws where possible and this seems to be the preferred model at hand; for clear arrangement, I left out the arrows for who reports whom, so here it is: board reports to the General Assembly, council reports to community.

With this model, the following changes will apply to the new bylaws:
  • a General Assembly will be established. As already mentioned, this is a requirement by law, it has to exist as a body as well as board. It is the highest juristication in a german Verein and usually, but not nescessarily (a commitee could do), elects board. In this case, board will be part of the General Assembly
  • as a measure of attempting to keep voluntary board personell in position as long as they're willing, voting rights for board will be shifted from community to council, while board members still remain the right to vote for themselves. In order to allow such a constellation, we should make sure that there'll *always* be more council members than board members (today, it's the other way round and that feels wrong to me if it would stay like this in the new model)
  • only active members from within the e.V. can apply for board

I will now prepare the bylaws accordingly in german and hopefully can provide an english translation soon.
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